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Email: info@missio.nz or Call (09) 489 6549
office hours 10:00AM – 5:00PM

AVAILABLE FROM 22 November 2021 only while supply last.

Any profit goes to helf fund the formation and education of future priests and religious as part of the work of MISSIO-NZ

The COVID Pandemic has hit hard many of our daily routines and customary practices. It affected even our usual Sunday way of keeping the Lord’s Day holy. Many are searching for aids to help themselves keep a healthy spiritual life.

The Word In Other Words Bible Diary contains the daily Gospel Liturgical Reading with a short reflection penned by various Divine Word Missionaries, young and older, who work in different mission areas of the world. Each day has an insight for the soul that offers a way toward friendship with the Lord.

When you purchase one, you also help to raise fund to help MISSIO-NZ support the formation and education of future priests and religious in the many dioceses in Asia and Africa.



  • Until 2 books $5.10
  • Until 4 books $7.20
  • Until 5 books $11.00
Will advise postage cost when more than 5 books.
All Package will be tracked.