An e-mail arrived from Fr Basil Fernando, the National Director of Missio Sri Lanka announcing the news that there is an outbreak of Covid19 Pandemic in St Aloysius Seminary in Colombo. He writes:


We are hit with COVID – 19 very badly at present as the third wave and it is spreading very fast whole over the country. Every day, we are confronted with reports of high number of deaths. And this morning our Cardinal Malcomb Ranjith personally called me and informed me that St. Aloysius Minor Seminary in Colombo has been very badly infected.

They have found, at this time of writing, 57 seminarians who have been tested positive with COVID19, and still the PCR tests are going on.

Our hospitals in Colombo are full. So, the Cardinal is going to convert the minor seminary as a COVID treating hospital for the seminarians and children. We have over 150 seminarians in the minor seminary now. It is reported that more positive cases will come up within these next two days.

The Cardinal has asked me for some financial support to make the seminary into COVID hospital. Any support is most welcome at this crucial moment. Because we need to look after them with the necessary treatments. We have very limited resources and ask for your assistance that we may help safeguard the situation of our seminarians and many others who live around the area.

We feel helpless, but we really must act. We humbly ask for your help at this troubled time.


Fr Basil Fernando
National Director of Missio Sri Lanka
11 May 2021

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