Ways to Promote and Enjoy the Missionary Spirit of Believers

Many people have been experiencing donor fatigue syndrome when it comes to financial appeals in our churches. Why not create your own fundraising event with your friends or parish members for the evangelisation work of the Catholic Church?

Ms. Una from Auckland together with her friends in their reflection group have been promoting a cake sale every Mission Sunday for some years now. Last year, they even invited people to participate in a Mission Sunday reflection before an afternoon tea.

Ed and Rinia are husband and wife from Wellington who decided to celebrate their birthdays together, and organise a thanksgiving dinner with their friends for all the blessings of the years past. They have requested their visitors who came to give donation to MissioNZ in lieu of gifts.

Both events were gatherings of friends where they all enjoyed the presence of one another and still raised funds for the missions

We have some booklets which you can give away during your fundraising. write to us and we will send you some material.

Fundraising for MissioNZ is a fantastic way to support our work and have fun whilst doing it! How you fundraise is limited only by your imagination — a sports event, a bbq with your old mates from school or town, an afternoon tea with colleagues or a cake competition with your friends. if you want to do something special for a momentous occasion, donations can also be made in lieu of gifts.

By participating in a special fundraising event you and your friends can become real agents of change and take an active part in the work of catholic mission in over 160 countries around the world!

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So, whether you are fundraising on your own, or in a team, school, workplace or a club, get involved and make a difference today!