The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul – a time to support Formation of Indigenous Priest.

The Feast of Sts Peter and Paul (June 29th) is a good time to be reminded of supporting the Pontifical Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA).  The Society is tasked with helping Pope Francis to provide for the formation of native or indigenous priests worldwide.

In 2023 alone, SPA has supported 770 seminaries, or 81,393 seminarians.

Your donation will help many developing countries to have indigenous priests, not just for the Church’s sacrament needs, but for the wider community to benefit as priests work for the betterment of the local communities.

If you have read the first Newsletter (The Sower) published by the new NZ National Director, Fr Michael Pui, you would have come across the article about the Church in Vietnam. It is booming there. One of the reasons that led to the boom was the effort of the first missionary Bishops who worked on the formation of indigenous priests, sending seminarians to the Regional Seminary in Malaysia hundreds of years ago. They would have been funded by generous donations, such as yours, through the various Papal entities including Propaganda Fidei. Today, NZ has benefitted as every Diocese now has priests from Vietnam. Although only 7.3 % of the population, the Vietnamese priests, religious, and laity contributed to the betterment of their country – for example, they were the main force in providing food and care to the wider community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please pray for SPA and its mission, and if you can, support the Pope financially, in providing for the formation of indigenous priests. Click the link below, put in the reference field “SPA” and your name, and do not forget to give us your contact details.

(N/B – Funds that go to SPA have different purposes from those collected in parishes under “Peter’s Pence”. Peter’s Pence goes towards the Pope’s charitable work with the poor and most deprived)

Pauline Jaricot, the woman who started the Propagation of the Faith in 1822, was beatified on 22 May 2022 in Lyon, France, her birthplace. Her beatification indicates that her work which is continuously growing after 200 years, is the work of the Holy Spirit. Blessed Pauline described herself as the instrument who lit the match to light the fire. This fire has burnt steadily and brightly and has led many to serve. It is also the inspiration for why we help candidates to the priesthood in the traditionally called mission territories in Asia and Africa, Latin America, and Oceania.

Your generous donation for this campaign will help in the formation and education of future priests and religious – the future leaders in the Catholic Communities. In the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay, Philippines, the theologian students have developed a farm to help make the Seminary self-sustainable and even contribute to being eco-friendly. St. Pope Paul VI Seminary in Zanzibar, Guinea Equatorial, Africa, has been organizing ways to dig a borehole and create a water source for the Seminary. Their dream to gain a clean water source will also benefit people living near the Seminary. We feature both stories in our Newsletter.