Missio – traditionally called the Pontifical Mission Societies, is composed of four societies.  Each has its own focus of work. Each was separately founded by different person. In 1922 Pope Pius XI joined together the four different societies and made them partners to help serve better the needs of various dioceses all over the world, especially those that are established in the young churches.

The Four Societies

Propagation of the Faith

Propagation of the Faith

Propagation of the Faith enables missionaries to be more effective  in their works of evangelisation. Spreading God’s Word throughout the world. Caring for the Carers.

Missionary Childhood

The Holy Childhood Association

The Holy Childhood Association supports the health and religious formation needs of children in the mission territories all over the world. Enables Children helping Children.

St. Peter the Apostle

Society of St Peter the Apostle

Society of St Peter the Apostle helps fund the formation of seminarians and religious nuns and brothers in the mission territories. Guarantees to assist the continuity of ministries in the Church.

Missionary Union

Missionary Union

Missionary Union Advocates ongoing missionary formation, awareness and networking among religious, lay and priests.

Missio – the Pontifical Mission Societies in Video

A 12 minute video giving a birds’ eye view of the four Pontifical Mission Societies.  This allows anyone to understand that the missionary work of the Pontifical Mission Societies is primarily about reinforcing and re-energising individuals and Christians communities attain a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus. In the words of Pope Francis, ” I invite  all Christians, everywhere to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them….”   The Joy of the Gospel, #3