Society of the Propagation of the Faith enables missionaries to be more effective in their works of evangelisation. Spreading God’s Word throughout the world.

The Society of the Propagation of the Faith is an international association for the assistance by prayers and financial support to assist the missionary work of the Catholic Church.

Mother of Perpetual Help Centre

Mother of Perpetual Help Center, in Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand, first opened in 1997 and became a Centre for persons with aids to come for counselling.  It later developed an orphanage of children born with HIV/AIDS and whose parents have died. Closest family members have to give them up due to poverty. As the orphans grow into young teenagers a new house has to be built. Ban Mae Marie (the House of Mary) now houses teenagers . Mother of Perpetual Help Center also helps many young poor children who live in the vicinity. The Divine Word Missionaries believe that education is a good building block for life. They work with the Missionary Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa who take care of the younger orphans.

Alotau-Sidea, Papua New Guinea

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alotau-Sideia is located in the Eastern cone of the island of New Guinea on the shore of Milne Bay. Bishop Rolando Santos CM, the 4th Bishop of the Diocese resides in the city of Alotau, the capital of Milne Bay Province. In 1946 it was erected an Apostolic Prefecture and ten years later elevated to Apostolic Vicariate. It became a diocese in 1966. Diocese itself is spanned on the 20,000 km2 territory with population of 286,329 of which 17% are Catholics (48,675) There are 18 parishes with 29 priests majority are religious missionaries. There are 36 religious sisters, 2 religious brothers, 2 Deacons and 6 Seminarians. There are also 115 Mission Stations without resident priest, 145 Catholic Schools, and 8 Health Centres run by the Catholic Agency. I would like to thank you and the generous people of New Zealand for the amount of US$ 121,000.00 which the Diocese of Alotau-Sideia, Papua New Guinea, received through the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith of MissioNZ. Our diocese is a maritime province. 15 of the 18 parishes are in the islands. The nearest island parish takes about 1 ½ hours to reach on a 70 HP motorized dinghy. The farthest parish would take at least two days to reach by boat. May the joy and peace, which the coming of Christ brings, be yours! – Bishop Rolando Santos CM, DD. The Diocesan Youth Convention was held on 3 December 2014. It was participated by youth from all parts of the Diocese of Alitao-Sidea. The convention commenced with a Marian March where the parish youth groups continuously sang lively hymns as they walked through the main roads and places where many people usually flock and gather announcing to them the theme of the Convention: Courage! Come to Jesus Through Mary.


The Genesis

The story told is that faith comes from hearing. Pauline Marie Jaricot was a believer with a simple heart.

Her faith initiated ripples of inspiration that produced tides of faith that affected and effected change. Be inspired by her story, just like the parable of the Master and the Mustard Seed. Small were its beginnings, but it has grown into a tree-like bush where many find their shelter. Read more of her story.

The Target

Today, the Pontifical Society of the Propagation of the Faith works to help realise the following:

  1. To form the People of God so that it may become aware of its worldwide missionary vocation.
  2. To inform Christians of the life and events of Catholic communities in developing countries;
  3. To labour for the increase of both spiritual and material assistance between churches, with particular attention to the exchange of apostolic personnel with a view to the evangelisation of the whole world;
  4. To promote missionary vocation ad gentes;
  5. To promote education for justice, especially among young people, that may lead to missionary service;
  6. To promote economic solidarity by appealing to the generosity of Christians and developing social justice and assistance programmes that cater to local needs of the community.

Learn More About the Propagation of the Faith

Short spot presenting one of the five Pontifical Mission Societies – the Propagation of the Faith. Footage comes from Zambia Easter ceremony of Holy Saturday. Takes were made during a missionary expedition in 2009. Fr Timothy Lehane, the Secretary General of the Propagation of the Faith until April 2014. This was recorded during the General Assembly of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Rome in 2010.

A brief history of The Society For The Propagation of the Faith and the work we do all over the world. The Video was made by Missio Canada. The work they do is the work Missio – The Pontifical Mission Societies of the Propagation of the Faith do all over the world. MissioNZ also has the same task among the Kiwi population.

The Propagation of the Faith, the arm of Missio [The Pontifical Mission Society] reaches out to help train missionary priests and catechists to equip them well of their missionary task. This video clip that follows shows real situation in Indonesia, an Islamic country, yet sends out so many faith bearer missionaries to all parts of the world. Missionary work is well alive in Indonesia.