Missionary Children is the Church’s Mission outreach for children

Commonly known as Holy Childhood Association

In New Zealand this Missionary outreach to children has always run through the Catholic Primary schools. Following the example of the founder, we ask children to do two things every day:

The figure of a child has always had an irresistible and undeniable influence on everyone’s heart: the child’s simplicity, beauty and sparkling vitality seems a reflection of God’s life. Jesus who became a child among us fondly spoke of children. “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Lk 18:16”

The Missionary Children provides assistance to particular Churches with the following objectives:

To assist educators to awaken and gradually develop in both children and adolescents a worldwide missionary consciousness, in order to guide them towards a spiritual communion and material sharing of their resources with children of other Churches, especially those in difficulty.

Many schools do much more, but the two features of prayer and personal sacrifice are important building blocks for young Christians. Everyone has something to give and to receive and their motto is: CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN.


You meet Baptistine who is the current Secretary General of the Missionary Children and holds office in Rome. How can children become missionaries to other children.

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Fr. Patrick Byrne is an Irish Divine Word Missionary who spent 17 years in Ecuador. He was the Secretary General of the Missionary Children before Ms Baptistine.

He shares his experience of how missionary vocation springs forth from the dreams of a child.

Get to know better the Missionary Children (Holy Childhood Association) and the other three groups that compose the Missio [Pontifical Mission Societies]

What follows is the story of people who have dreams that became a reality and turned into what we today call Missio, The Pontifical Mission Societies.

This video clip is narrated in a cartoon form for children to appreciate the beginnings of the stories of life.