Vatican II has emphasized that the Church is missionary by its nature. It is the task of the Pontifical Missionary Union to make this real and operative especially among persons called by vocation to serve the Church in the ordained ministry, in religious and lay consecration and lay missionaries who are directly involved in the worldwide mission.

The Missionary Union ministers to all those who are called to ensure that the People of God  is animated both by  a missionary spirit and a generous openness to missionary cooperation. The success of the other Societies depends to a large extent on the vitality of the Pontifical Missionary Union which is the soul of the other Pontifical Mission Societies.

Mission Education is an important means whereby theological reflection and experience stand side by side to help realise the New Evangelization where many ministries of services once flourished.

Mission today is partnership. We become partners of God when we were baptized. Likewise, we become co-partners of one another by virtue of  the same Sacrament of Baptism. We work with one another and above all with the Holy Spirit to realise the Mission of God. God’s Mission is our Mission.

Rebuilding Churches in Sri Lanka after Easter Bombings

Click here to read the ‘Report on a string of suicide bomb blasts in  Sri Lanka ‘. After the devastating attacks on Church-going Sri Lankans, we would like to show our solidarity at this tragic time. Please send your support…

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

The Missionaries Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit work among the poorest sectors of Addis Abeba. The work ranges from children in the local school to families; from health service to religious formation in catechism.

Meet Nancy

Meet Nancy as she shares the joy of her being a catholic traveling to Kenya.

What follows is a video of Nancy Wiechec. She is an American who visited Kenya and shares her experiences there. Missionary Union is all about Christians who support one another to fan the flame of missionary fervour within that evangelisation may happen in all levels of personal, family, and societal life.