Children are the most vulnerable and voiceless members of the society. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the poorest of the poor is even more severe. This project supports poor children in three of the most marginalised rural areas in the Philippines: San Jose City, Lakeside Park and San Isidro. These children live in the far-flung “barrios” and villages, whose parents struggle to make a living through fishing or farming without land. The indigenous children in San Jose City, on the other hand, come from tribes who fled from their ancestral domains due to natural calamities, famine and extreme poverty.

Your donations will reach a total of approximately two thousand children most in need of nutrition, health care and education. Many children leave school and get sick due to poverty and malnourishment. Your assistance will help finance their medications, health checks, nutrition, school supplies and instructional materials. Outside the lockdown period, spiritual formation is provided to foster the children’s holistic development.

Through Missio NZ, in partnership with Canossian Daughters of Charity, as well as in collaboration with local teachers and medical volunteers involved in the projects, you can help change a child’s future. Through your generosity, you can help transform children’s lives and a country’s future.

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